25 Supply chain interview questions with best answers

  1. 25 Supply Chain interview questions with answers

Called for an interview? Here are 25 Supply Chain interview questions and answers PLUS tips to get you prepared. Whether or not you have experience.

You may be wondering:

  1. How do I prepare for a supply chain interview?
  2. What are good supply chain questions?
  3. What questions are asked in a supply chain manager interview?
  4. Why should we hire you answer for supply chain?

Let’s dive in:



 1. Always refer back to the job description and highlight key requirements and align them to what you have done and can give two good examples.

 2. Spare some time in understanding what the company is all about. 

 3. Reflect on what value you can bring to the table against all other candidates. 

 4. Research on salary expectations: You may not want to over or under value your skills and experiences. 

 5. Write down sample questions you anticipate with answers and practice, practice, practice. 

 6. In a zoom era, take time to familiarize yourself with the application and set out an outfit which fits the occasion.


 Documentations needed for governmental jobs 

 1. Police Clearance Certificate -Costs Ksh. 1,000 

 2. CRB Clearance – Confirm

 3.EACC Clearance – Confirm

4.HELB Clearance  – Confirm

5. KRA Clearance 

6. KISM membership / CIPS Certification 


Areas to familiarize yourself with when it comes to Public Procurement: 

 1. Public Procurement Act. It is your “bible” when it comes to anything procurement Look at: 

 a) Procurement procedures

 b) Government or County structure c) Financial regulations and IFMIS d) Procurement process 

 e) Main Institutions in relation to procurement : Treasury etc

 2. Ongoing supply chain trends 

 3. General Government or County information or statistics

For supply chain code of ethics and necessary resources, check out Kenya Institute of Supplies Management HERE

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Are supply chain questions difficult?

Well,  this is dependent on several factors: Industry, Company size, structure, products / services ; position applied for and responsibilities.

For example, if you are applying for an analyst position, “It is your responsibility as a supply chain analyst to gather data on output and client demand in order to enhance supply chain operations at your organization. You should anticipate being asked a lot of what-if scenario questions to gauge how you approach parts of the business that need to be improved.

Learn about company procedures and illustrations of prior reports you’ve written to get ready. Make sure that your Excel skills are up to par because you will probably be asked to answer a problem using an Excel spreadsheet.”

To be able to rate these aspects better and ace supply chain interview questions, check out Glassdoor in the link below and similar supply chain interview questions


Or a supply chain coordinator position, and a supply chain interview questions might be, What particular abilities are required to succeed as a supply chain coordinator?
A supply chain coordinator needs to have good negotiation skills in addition to a history in customer service. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are also essential for effectively understanding and adapting to changes that may occur in your profession. The STAR approach should be used as a guide to give specific, current instances of times you have used these skills.

What if it is an NGO (Non-governmental organization)?

Why Do You Want to Work for This NGO?

This is probably going to be one of the first questions you hear during an NGO job interview. For a number of reasons, this question frequently comes first in NGO employment interviews. The NGO first wants to know that the candidate has done their homework about the organization. NGO staff members should be aware of their origins, goals, and beliefs in addition to their programs since they are proud of their work and history.

The second reason why an NGO job interviewer looks for candidates is because NGOs want employees who are passionate about their area of programming and demonstrate a commitment to the organization’s mission. This question is frequently asked during open interviews at NGOs to gauge a candidate’s commitment to working just for them.

So how to supply chain interview questions in relation to NGOs?

Be sure you have properly researched the NGO before the interview. Definitely gain a thorough understanding of the NGO’s activity. By emphasizing these areas in your interview response, you demonstrate that you are aware of the NGO’s mission.

Also make aware of the history of the NGO, as well as the essential ideals of the organisation.
Your answer to this interview question should also show your excitement and dedication to the NGO’s work. Draw attention to any prior encounters you’ve had with their supply chain programs.

Include a brief explanation of your interest in the NGO’s work as well as your opinion of its importance. Instead of giving general responses regarding NGO humanitarian work, make sure your answers are tailored to the NGO you are interviewing at.

A good place to search for NGO supply chain jobs are Here

25 Supply Chain interview questions and answers

Common Supply Chain Interview Questions you can expect :

Supply chain job interview questions and answers

1. Tell us about yourself. 

 As much as you will be tempted to run through your whole life history, this open-ended question is a conversation starter. Keep it brief and relevant. They already have read your C.V and do not need to know your family background, what you ate, or such alike. 

 2. What accomplishments are you most proud of? Remember not to over brag, but mention things in your career which made an impact and a bonus is if it fits within some of the issues in the job description. 

 3. Why should we hire you? Here is where you state your value proposition. 

 4. What are your greatest strengths or weaknesses?

 5. What motivates you? 

 6. Where do you see yourself in five years? 

7. Tell us of a time you had a miscommunication with a team member? 

 8. Who are your role models? 

 9. What is your leadership style? 

 Supply chain technical interview questions :

Describe the supply chain.

Maybe a fairly straightforward query, right? Consider if someone asked you a question right now. Could you respond with a thorough response? The interviewers don’t think to prepare for this topic because it seems so clear, especially in areas like supply chain, despite the fact that the role is actually pretty difficult and not very straightforward. Think about controlling and managing the flow of products and services from supplier to manufacturer, manufacturer to wholesaler, retailer to consumer. To ensure a quick, effective flow, each procedure demands a diverse set of talents.

10a. Which skills do you believe a supply chain employee should have? 

10b. your own words, what is the supply chain, and why is it important?

10c.How will you add value to our supply chain team with your experience and competencies?

10.d How would you deal with the situation if you ran out of stock?

 11. Which Supply chain ERP system are you familiar with? 

 12. What can you improve in our company’s supply chain process? 

 13. Have you ever encountered a supplier relationship problem? Tell us about it and what you did to overcome it 

 14. How can you select the best supplier for a given good or service required? 

 15. What is your typical morning schedule? 

 16. Which is the most recent book / article you read on supply chain? 

 17. Tell me about a time you had to make a difficult decision…..

 18. Why do you want to work here? 

 19. Tell us about issues that can lead to stock discrepancies 

 20. What is one thing that gives you a headache in this profession? 


 Now, tricky aspects come towards the conclusion 

 1. Salary expectation – As much as some organizations are open to accepting ranges while others can answer their budget allocation and for you to give an answer, be sure to carry out research. Otherwise if it was mentioned, you have nothing to worry about.  

In some instances, you can know salary from similar supply chain job postings such as Corporate staffing jobs

 2. Do you have a question for us OR supply chain interview questions to ask?

 3. When can you start? Please, give yourself at least three or four working days if you are free or according to how fast you can completely, safely and smoothly transition. 14-30 days works in some instances.




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