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Supply Chain Consulting

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Start-up financing

Supply chain is one field with vast untapped opportunities especially here in Africa, and we are ready to listen and support in transforming ideas to viable businesses.


Establish top-notch e-supply chain and logistics eco-system based on disrupting technologies and re-define supply chain excellence.

Why do we care about the

Ecosystem ?
Analisys of Financial Documents

With 4IR technologies being fully adopted world-wide, globalization being the center stage of supply chain operations, Supply chain networks will not only compete as networks but as an Ecosystem,

The geographic boundary issue has been surpassed over a decade ago. Buyers and Suppliers have been transacting across borders, Professionals have embraced world-wide supply chain certification, Researchers are inter-globally collaborating, exchange programs have been well embraced. 

So, why not link it using a technology that offers collaboration and distributed governance, trust, provenance and finality? 

So, are you: 

  • Supplier: Global | Local (Sole-Proprietor, SME, Large Corps.)

  • Procuring Entitiy

  • Supply Chain Professional

  • Academic | Researcher
  • Student

  • Consultant

  • Tech or Finance Company

  • Government Agency

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