Supply Chain Graduate Programmes!! Why Diageo’s empowering gig comes 1st

Supply Chain Graduate

Supply Chain Graduate programme : Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, offers an exciting, programme for those looking to kick-start their career. The programme provides immense opportunities to collaborate with people across business areas and regions.

The graduate schemes at Diageo last for 1-3 years and are available across various regions: Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and Asia Pacific. The locations vary between schemes and are different from year to year.

Why is it a top graduate supply chain programme? 

Diageo offers a wide range of graduate schemes where you can realize your fullest potential. These include:
– Digital and Technology graduate programmes
– Finance graduate programmes
– HR graduate programmes
– Marketing graduate programmes
– Sales graduate programmes
– Supply Chain and Manufacturing graduate programmes

The application process is straightforward and designed to be easy for applicants. It involves filling in a short form and answering some basic questions to confirm eligibility. This is followed by a gamification stage, where applicants play 12 games that measure various attributes. The next step is a video interview via HireVue, giving Diageo a chance to get to know the applicants better. The final step is a virtual assessment centre.

To qualify for Diageo’s supply chain graduate schemes, you must:

– Have obtained or be expecting to obtain an academic degree
– Be fluent in English
– Be fluent in the language relevant to the market you’re applying to
– Have the right to work in the market you’re applying to (relevant to specific locations)
– Depending on the role: have a full, clean driving licence

Diageo’s supply chain graduate programme is a fantastic opportunity for graduates to make a real contribution to the business and the industry from day one. You’ll be supported by a buddy and learn from some truly amazing people, who have experience and knowledge you won’t find elsewhere¹. You’ll develop leadership skills and knowledge through formal training, mentoring and coaching from respected colleagues, and real-world.

Unique Features 

Global Exposure:

One of the standout features of the Diageo Supply Chain Graduate Programme is its commitment to providing participants with a truly global experience. Graduates have the opportunity to work in different regions, gaining insights into diverse markets, consumer behaviors, and regulatory landscapes. This global exposure fosters a broad perspective and cultural agility.

Mentorship and Development:

At the core of the Supply Chain Graduate programme lies a robust mentorship framework. Graduates are paired with seasoned professionals who guide them through their journey, providing valuable insights, constructive feedback, and a roadmap for personal and professional development. Regular check-ins, workshops, and training sessions ensure continuous learning and growth.

Real-World Projects:

The Diageo Graduate Programme doesn’t just focus on theoretical knowledge; it places a strong emphasis on hands-on experience. Graduates are given the opportunity to lead and contribute to real-world projects, allowing them to apply their skills in a practical setting and make a tangible impact on the company’s success.

Alumni Success Stories
Launchpad for Careers:
The success stories of Diageo Graduate Programme alumni speak volumes about the programme’s efficacy. Graduates often go on to assume leadership roles within the company, contributing to its growth and shaping the future of the spirits industry.

Networking Opportunities:
The programme provides unparalleled networking opportunities. Graduates connect not only with their peers but also with top-level executives during organized events, creating a valuable professional network that extends beyond the programme.


The Diageo Graduate Programme is not just a job; it’s a transformative journey that equips graduates with the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to thrive in the competitive and exciting world of the spirits industry. Aspiring professionals looking for a launchpad into a fulfilling and impactful career should consider the Diageo Graduate Programme as a gateway to excellence in the global beverage landscape.

Here are some similar graduate programmes to Diageo in Kenya:

1. Safaricom Discover Graduate Management Trainee Program: This is a 2-year rotational programme that offers graduates a chance to work in various departments within the organization.

2. Centum Graduate Trainee Program: Centum offers a 12-month programme where graduates are exposed to different aspects of the business, including real estate, private equity, and marketable securities.

3. Unilever Future Leaders Programme: This is a 3-year rotational programme that exposes graduates to various functions within the organization, including marketing, supply chain, and finance.

4. KPMG East Africa Graduate Recruitment Programme: KPMG offers a graduate programme where trainees gain exposure to various sectors and industries.

5. P&G Kenya Leadership Development Program: This programme offers graduates the opportunity to experience different projects, roles, and responsibilities across P&G.

6. Carrefour Kenya Graduate Program: Carrefour, in partnership with top universities, has launched a Retail Graduate Programme that aims to train and recruit graduates from Kenya and five other countries, with a focus on gender diversity. The programme offers students real work experience, under the guidance of dedicated professional supervisors, who ensure they are ready for the workplace and committed to servant leadership in society.

7. Absa Kenya Graduate Trainee Programme: Absa offers an 18-month rotational and development experience aimed at acquiring and developing future skills. As a Graduate Program Associate, you will have the opportunity to explore various commercial divisions within the organization, including Fresh Food, E-commerce, Store Operations, and Merchandising.

8. World Vision Kenya Graduate Internship Programme (GRIP): This annual internship programme is designed to provide real work experience and professional development to university undergraduates. Through the GRIP initiative, fresh graduates in various disciplines from both public and private universities in Kenya are placed in rural and urban settings for one year as World Vision Kenya interns.

Remember, it’s always advisable to spend some time researching the available graduate programmes in Kenya to find the one that best suits your qualifications and career aspirations¹.

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