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Blockchain E-Market

Connect the eco-system through Blockchain and access tender opportunities with end-to-end visibility.

E-learning and Forums

Learning and sharing Knowledge is a continuous process, and we will endeavor in igniting conversations

Supply Chain Consulting

Tenders opportunities in Kenya are more visible and accessible through our cyclic ecosystem.

Start-up financing (Africa)

Supply chain is one field with vast untapped opportunities especially here in Africa, and we are ready to listen and support in transforming ideas to viable businesses.


Establish top-notch e-supply chain and logistics eco-system based on disrupting technologies and re-define supply chain excellence.

Why do we care about the

Ecosystem ?

Analysis of Financial Documents

With 4IR technologies being fully adopted world-wide, globalization being the center stage of supply chain operations, Supply chain networks will not only compete as networks but as an Ecosystem,

The geographic boundary issue has been surpassed over a decade ago. Buyers and Suppliers have been transacting across borders, Professionals have embraced world-wide supply chain certification, Researchers are inter-globally collaborating, exchange programs have been well embraced. 


So, why not link it using a technology that offers collaboration and distributed governance, trust, provenance and finality? 

So, are you: 

  • Supplier: Global | Local (Sole-Proprietor, SME, Large Corps.)

  • Procuring Entitiy

  • Supply Chain Professional

  • Academic | Researcher

  • Student

  • Consultant

  • Tech or Finance Company

  • Government Agency

    Connect with us if you have tender opportunities & find suppliers for the products & services using our Blockchain Application and save, time, and costs.

    Join Team #ChangeTheNarrative and experience tendering visibility.

Access to Tender Opportunities
Join Early Access Ecosystem
Whether you are a start-up or established business, participating in the tender process can be an uphill task and one which needs transparency across the supply chain. Early Bird Access We would like to offer Buyers and Suppliers the opportunity to register and upon launch of our App, receive an opportunity to give feedback, product reviews and discounts (Suppliers) on accessing the platform. Feel free to ask questions and join us as we #ChangeTheNarrative of everything Supply Chain