Is Supply Chain a Marketable Profession? 4 Things to Consider

Supply Chain as a profession

Where can one start when wanting to describe whether a profession is marketable or not? I personally had a challenge in choosing my specialization course in 3rd year. 




 I had studied commerce in high school, and definitely wanted nothing to do with sciences. In campus, after having a wild spin with Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing, HRM and Introduction to Procurement (Year 1 &2), I had to pick a specialization course. I knew I wanted a profession where salary was good and I won't be confined to a desk the whole day, nor have to sell "ice-cream to Eskimos". Nothing more, nothing less!!


But, incase you have these as your parameters, kindly take a minute or two to read on. As a former Lecturer, I'd start every new class with this question. "Why are you studying supply chain and Logistics?" 


And most answers were intriguing. Why? 


It depicted what students perceived the profession to be about :Tender Management. But Tender Management, is just one process, and a supportive role, if I am to be honest. 


So what else is out there? Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain information systems, Green Supply Chain, consultancies and so much more.. So, what else can one consider? 



1. Breaking down the terminologies;


Supply chain + Logistics. And from these two, further breakdown to common activities and functions. 


 2. Now come down to specific industries needs and skill set requirements: 

Food and agriculture, Academia; Manufacturing or even service. 


 3. Profession maturity within the area of interest

Is it still known as purchasing, procurement or sourcing and what are some of the job market profiles required from the said interest area? 



 Supply Chain Managers

  1.   #Direct or coordinate production, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, or financial forecasting services or activities to limit costs and improve accuracy, customer service, or safety. 


#Examine existing procedures or opportunities for streamlining activities to meet product distribution needs.


#Direct the movement, storage, or processing of inventory. 


 Sample of reported job titles: 

 Global Supply Chain Director, 

Material Requirements 

Planning Manager

Solution Design and Analysis Manager, 

Supply Chain Director, 


Supply Chain Manager     Salaries (2020-USA) $46.34 hourly, $96,390 annual.

What of Kenya? 


 4. Consider the relevant paths to obtaining certification

Will a diploma, undergraduate, graduate or Masters degree suffice?

Do I have to double with a different minor e.g engineering or statistics or information and technology? 

 Are there professional certifications required? We have listed the three important certifications on the right column (KISM, Logistics Board Kenya and CIPS). 


 With example one,(Supply chain Managers) 67% had Bachelor's degree and 19% Master's degree. 


 Next question? Which university and course? Look out for our article answering this question soon.

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