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Free supplier directory and  resource of Kenya Products and Services, Kenyan Producers, Manufacturers, Kenya Suppliers, Wholesalers, Vendors, Exporters. Increase efficiency, cut cost & save time sourcing for Kenyan Suppliers using Tenderzville's free supplier directory and business listing needing to connect with buyers or Tenders in Kenya.

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Free supplier directory /  business directories are a key component of the marketing strategy for businesses especially when seeking tender opportunities and connecting with procuring entities.


Business Listing and directories allow for access to information such as the locations and details of a number of reliable companies. Contact the businesses by phone, email, or WhatsApp.


The SMEs have a challenge of getting legitimate and numerous suppliers for businesses. Most contacts are shared within WhatsApp groups or by luck, sometimes Facebook. 


What does this mean for the buyer? They are limited to one or two contacts and may not necessarily get what they need. What of the supplier? Suppliers are pushed to post everywhere (sometimes with no contact), join many groups etc. 


So, an additional benefit of a free supplier directory  or business listing is that they improve a business' overall visibility, enhance its performance on search engines, and serve to create a better experience for potential clients


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Quick Links :

Kenya Government Bids and Tenders : Public Procurement Information Portal | PPIP

The Public Procurement Information Portal is an online platform provided by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for publication of contract awards and tender notices by Procuring Entities.

Access Tenders HERE

Feel Free to join other suppliers and business people and network in our Supplier | Vendor group.

Access HERE


How to get AGPO certificate- Kenya Government Tenders?

The AGPO Program's objective is to make it easier for businesses owned by young people, women, and people with disabilities to participate in government tenders in Kenya.


The execution of the legal requirement that 30% of government tender opportunities in Kenya be set aside for the youth, women, and individuals with disabilities will make this achievable.


It is an affirmative action program designed to give underrepresented groups additional opportunity to do business with the government and thereby empower them.


Where can you get AGPO related tenders to get tenders in Kenya? 

  1. AGPO Facebook Page 
  2. Daily Newspapers
  3. Tenders Portal:
  4. Individual Websites for various Ministries, Departments and Agencies at National Government Level
  5. County Government websites
  6. Notice Boards at government institutions
  7. Supply Chain Departments of government institutions

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